Along this route we will be impressed by the charm and beauty of nature. Sometimes this beauty is mysterious  and forests, caves and hills become home to fantastic creatures, sometimes benevolent, sometimes spiteful and vindictive. 


Duration:  1h.   

Altitude gap: 130m. 

Difficulty: easy.





Between the mysterious Margiani Ghiani forest and fascinating karst landscapes, we will go to the rediscovery the different productive activities that were once
performed by humans, analyzing developments and points of contact with the tradition and nature.


Duration:  30’.   

Altitude gap: 20m. 

Difficulty: very easy.




The main theme of this route is the beauty of untouched nature that manifests itself in all its charm and majesty. Along our route we stop to admire, listen and observe nature in all its beauty, majesty and evolution. 


Duration:  30min.   

Altitude gap: 50 m.  

Difficulty: easy.  






The special feature of this itineray is the "Scala 'and Nigola", a steep passage that allows access to the plateau. Overcoming high vertical rock faces we advance in the absence of marked trails, in a spectacular setting with total immersion in the wilderness, marked by the constant presence of the incumbent dolomite cliffs, the dense forests of oak and of crystalline and fresh streams full of waterfalls. The few human traces passes are barely noticeable among the thick vegetation, which manifests itself in all its charm and its majesty.

Duration:  2h.   Altitude gap: 140 m.  

Difficulty: Medium (crossing steep stony path off).

Participation fee: € 4,00 per person.








Along this route the visitor can enter into the heart of the historical center of Sadali, he will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the old traditions and majesty of nature. Narrow cobblestoned streets and facades of old houses give way suddenly to sweeping views of the valley. The best way to take a dip in the fascinating past of a village of Barbagia.

Duration:  40min.  
Altitude gap: 40m.  

Difficulty: very easy.







The itinerary highlights the uniqueness of this center of Barbagia, Sadali, where nature is still unspoilt and  old traditions are still preserved intact for centuries. We will go to discover many beauties, historical, archaeological and landscape, which lie in a country where streams and springs give birth to "The watery Paradise" .


Duration:  1h.   

Altitude gap: 40m. 

Difficulty: very easy.